How about a refund?

How benevolent.  The legislature voted to refuse a per diem for their latest special session

Smart move, since they were about to be paid even more for doing nothing, and folks are leaving before the job is even finished.

It shouldn’t be a question of if they got a per diem or not.  The real question should be if we can get a refund for all of the money that they have wasted so far getting nowhere.  How about we implement a law that a legislator doesn’t get paid until they pass a budget?  Do you think that might motivate a few people to get something done.

I want my two dollars!

I want my two dollars!

They can move quickly when they want to.  They got a budget passed over night when the deadline came.  Too bad they didn’t pass something that worked.  If they can pass the guns in bars law with a straight face, they should stop being paid until they start passing laws that have to do with the real problem at hand.


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