Other things that need to be fixed

Since the legislature isn’t going to do anything about the budget this week anyway, it seems like a good time to point out some other broken things in Arizona that need to be fixed. 

After all, one of these days (or months) the budget will eventually be fixed, and then where would this blog be?  So, let’s talk about other things that need a good “FIX IT!”

Sonoran Alliance
Once a great blog full of really interesting information, the site is now bloated with hack writers and full of Republican bashing and attacking their own.  Since when did they start letting lobbyists pipe off about their paying clients – gambling clients no less.  Which is it Sonoran Alliance, do you hate lobbyists or love them?

Stand Up for Arizona
What a joke.  Jim Pedersen starts a website (a super slow one at that), and then basically abandons it once he isn’t running for governor.  His latest “post” is a month old.  Great job looking out for the “little people,” Jim.

Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority
Who thought it was a good idea to give the Cardinals a sweetheart deal without even asking anyone else if they would be interested in doing concessions for the stadium?  The Cardinals have one good year in over twenty and now they should be showered with even more money?  This is a taxpayer funded stadium.  The taxpayers should be given an opportunity to make sure the stadium is operated as efficiently as possible.

The Phoenix Coyotes
Are they staying or going?  Who cares, but they should figure it out.  If they do think they are staying, it might be in their best interest to figure out what is going on sooner, before there are no fans left.  Speaking of the Coyotes, the next on the fix it list…

The Goldwater Institute
Great job, guys.  Not only are you not helpful in the budget process, but you have turned suing into an artform.  The latest is that they are suing Glendale to release their negotiations with the potential new owners of the Coyotes.  Gee, I am sure that will help Glendale keep any sort of bargaining power.  Not sure who they are helping, but it’s certainly not the voters of Arizona.

Terry Goddard
The presumptive Democratic candidate for Governor lays off 49 employees while giving jobs to Democrat insiders?  Does that sound like good fiscal policy?  Could I be paid $100k to be a FOT (Friend of Terry)?  Not only that, but he has been annoyingly silent on the budget, prefering not to get his hands dirty when he already has the nomination basically sewn up.  Talk about leadership!


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