Even more things that need to be fixed

If you haven’t figured it out by now, there are a lot of things wrong in Arizona.  It’s not just the budget, there are many things that could use a swift kick in the butt to get moving in the right direction.  Following the very popular installment from yesterday, I thought I would point out a few more things that need fixing:

Arizona Diamondbacks
Not only are they a last place team, but they are acting like it.  To have a guy like Garland, who was playing like garbage until about a month ago, call out his teammates is fairly ridiculous since they stood silent while he struggled.  However, the worst part is watching the ownership strip off any valuable pieces and liquidate them while they can.  I liked Lopez, especially as the lead-off, he always made things exciting.  Now he is playing in Milwaukee.  If Davis can put a few decent games together, he’ll be gone too.

Gambling in Arizona
Be it slot machines in Racetracks or Indian tribes trying to expand their casinos, leaders need to figure out what they are going to do and make sure that it benefits Arizona big time.  Perhaps there is an alternative option where Arizona could grant a certain number of additional gaming licences to whoever wants to bid.  That way, the Indians, the racetracks, and all of private industry could take a shot at landing a casino, with major taxes from the gambling coming in to fix the budget hole.

Illegal Immigration
Why are we talking about healthcare while immigration is still so messed up?  Once they figure out what they are going to do healthcare wise, aren’t we going to have a bunch of illegal immigrants lining up to use it, if we don’t solve that problem first?  Sweeps only attack the symptoms, they don’t address the cause.

Speed Cameras
Are they staying or going?  They should go, but I would bet that now that the money is coming in, it’s hard to shut off the revenue source when the budget is already so much underwater.  People have finally gotten used to them, but the slowing and speeding ebb and flow of the freeway is annoying and the flashes are still startling at night.  Are people just starting to accept them?

Doesn’t Arizona still have a problem with water?  The Colorado River reservoir has gone from 95% to 59% of capacity since 2000.  The liklihood of Lake Mead or Lake Powell going away are slim, but is Arizona really flush enough with water that we no longer seem to teach or even encourage conservation?


2 Responses to “Even more things that need to be fixed”

  1. Citizen CLW Says:

    No doubt. This and your last “What needs to be fixed” posts are spot-on.

  2. Another “Fix it” list « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] “Fix it” list By fixarizona It’s been awhile since I have put together a list of things that need to be fixed.  Since the budget is going to continue to crawl along, I thought I would point out a few more […]

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