Thanks for the attention!

It sure was nice for Sonoran Alliance to take the time to respond to my little old post about other things in Arizona need to be fixed. 

First, let me thank that gang of “seasoned politically astute consultants, insiders and activists” for taking the time to respond.  They are correct in saying that it has “given some credence and search engine exposure to Fix Arizona Now.”  I very much appreciate the added attention to the fact that we have been sitting here for over seven months without a solution to Arizona’s major problems. 

I’d love to return the favor.  If @SonoranAlliance actually wants some help figuring out twitter, I would be more than happy to lend a hand (hint: step 1, follow those who follow you!).

I have liked Sonoran Alliance for a long time, and I only make suggestions because I care.  If that sparks some sort of conspiracy theory and lobbyist battle (my consultant is better than your consultant), that was not my intention.  I just long for the days where I didn’t have to check the author of the post to see how heavy of a bias filter I would have to apply.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.

As for reposting, part of the reason that SA is far superior to IC Arizona is the original content.  IC Arizona is basically the conservative press release agregator.  It’s nice, but the grit and insider stuff is what makes SA great.

As you’ll see, there are plenty of other things in Arizona that need to be fixed.  The goal here is helpful suggestions, I don’t think you needed to “set the record straight.”


One Response to “Thanks for the attention!”

  1. Sonoran Alliance Says:


    You’re more than welcome on the search engine/credibility thing. Looks like your rankings went up quite a bit since we posted/responded to your post.

    I will also try to get on Twitter more often and update and follow.

    I for one would also like to see some dramatic changes here in Arizona. Maybe sometime we could meet to discuss over coffee?


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