Quick Question?

How is it that California has already been able to allow the voters to decide, and ultimately come to an agreement on a budget before Arizona has been able to do either? 

And before you go off on how California was able to pass a budget without raising taxes, remember two things:  the voters were given a chance to reject tax increases, and the borrowing (or taking as it were) from local government will likely spur local tax increases.

How can we let California beat us like that?  Also, is everything dragging their feet because they know the tax would actually pass?  Another poll says that the temporary tax would win with 2/3rd of the vote.  What is this, like the 3rd poll in a row?

Perhaps that is why California is able to get so much more done with their own giant hole.  Maybe if the legislators played a little longer on this budget tool, and maybe a little less going on vacation, we would have a solution by now.


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