Could there be light at the end of the tunnel?

I’m not holding my breath, but it looks like there is a deal in the works, and it could be voted on as early as tomorrow.  I wouldn’t go as far as calling this resolution “quick” as it has taken almost 8 months to get here, but hey, if they can actually get this thing done, more power to them.

At this point, it looks like the temporary sales tax is going to be part of the deal, which is smart, since yet ANOTHER poll says that the voters would support it.  In fact, if you look back at the polls, they all are pretty strong on the sales tax:

Arizona Republican Party: 66%
Moore Information:  64%
Public Opinion Strategies: 64%
Rasmussen:  57%

I know it just kills some of our legislators to see that, but the voters think that education is a little more important than the money in our pocket to buy one more DVD.

So hopefully this means that the tax will be part of the package, along with whatever else they need to make it palatable to them.  It would be nice if they were actually able to Git-R-Dun and finally put the budget behind us so we can focus on some other things.


One Response to “Could there be light at the end of the tunnel?”

  1. Citizen CLW Says:

    ARGH – No reason to celebrate!!

    This ‘deal’ is reportedly worse than what they tried to spin out in the middle of the night last month. I have to say ‘reportedly’, however, because not many people have seen the details…including many members of the legislature (Republicans and Democrats).

    Here’s what to expect:

    –Three year spending freeze for general fund at $10.2 billion.
    –No 2% Prop 301 mandated spending increase for K-12 education.
    –Cut of $175 million in soft capital (ie, items that are used by students)
    –No money for true cost of utilities.
    –Further reductions to Career Ladder

    –Ballot proposal to suspend Voter Protection Act…and all the spending measures (like Prop 301) that were approved by the majority of voters in the state.

    –“An additional $1 billion in spending cuts” (no specifics yet, though this quote comes right from the Legislative Majority’s press release)

    –$400 million in permanent corporate and individual tax reductions, though only proposed individual tax cut is for the wealthiest tier.

    –Temporary sales tax increase sent to the ballot, but not in the form originally proposed: 1-cent in 2010, 3/4 cent in 2011, 1/2 cent in 2012.

    I’ve been following this budget process all year, and although I should have probably predicted something this awful and short-sighted even I wasn’t pessimistic enough.

    The thought that further tax cuts are going to draw more business in our state would be laughable if we weren’t in such a dire situation. Our business and military leaders have been reiterating over and over again how important education is to our state — and the measurable impact our lack of investment is having in their ability to build and expand their operations. The fact that our legislature is tone-deaf to voters AND business and are just marching to the beat of special interest groups is appalling.

    Jan Brewer, by the way, is reportedly on board with this ‘deal’.

    Find your legislator’s contact info via

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