Where have you been, Terry?

In what should come as a shock to no one, the deal was not done last night.  What is interesting is that the intrepid Attorney General Terry Goddard finally realized that there was budget trouble last night, and decided to throw his two cents in.  Here is what he said via twitter @TerryGoddardAZ:

“Developing a bipartisan budget is hard…but worth it. Try harder to get it done right.”    

“Advice to the leg and gov: Don’t demand deep cuts to ed, pub safety & families, but take none in your own budgets. That’s NOT leadership.”

Welcome to the party, Terry.  You are very very late.


I find it funny that he has a lot of opinions on leadership since I have asked for awhile now where he’s been.  The Dems don’t get off the hook either, for as much as the national Democrats complain about the Republicans are being minority obstructionists in Congress, the local Democrats in the state legislature are playing the exact same part.  You want to be part of the deal, figure it out!  Don’t just stand on the sidelines and complain.

As for Goddard, this is the cheapest kind of leadership.  It’s real easy to be against cuts to education and call for a bipartisan approach.  Heck, why doesn’t he come out against hurting kittens or taking candy from babies?  Goddard is even yet to admit that his best pal Janet Napolitano is the cause of this problem in the first place.  Not only that, but he fires real employees and keeps his FOT (Friends of Terry) around

Come on, man!  You have to better than that.  It’s like a race to the bottom to see who can provide the LEAST amount of leadership. 


5 Responses to “Where have you been, Terry?”

  1. todd Says:

    From reports I have read, the Dems leadership has been working hard with the GOP leadership to work out a deal and were pretty close to a final budget. The GOP leadership then went behind their back and worked out a deal with the governor. How is this sitting on the sidelines complaining? Sounds like they have tried to be a productive part of the process and have gotten screwed.

  2. State Senator Jack Harper Says:

    Harper Amendments made the Governor give up five percent of workforce and the legislature had to give up 50 percent of workforce in the Auditor General’s Office.

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