Yet another budget failure

Once again, a balanced budget has come up short.  After the House passed the bills late last night, the Senate was unable to muster support.  From the sound of the article, Senator Gorman seems to be one of the ones standing in the way.  Of course, Gould is with her as well, but that’s not surprising since Gould is against kittens, rainbows, and movies with happy endings.

Like peas in a pod, Twitterer @NotRonGould has now been joined by @NotPamelaGorman.  How bad do you have to be for someone to want to take the time to devote a twitter to making fun of you?

As time slips away, it looks like any sort of election may have tough chances of happening.  This waiting game is probably part of the strategy in to hold out and get their way.  Meanwhile, Terry Goddard and the Democrats are teeing off on Republicans on their ability to lead.  Not only are they right, but the Republicans are doing nothing to defend themselves. 

It’s hard to be in charge and make tough choices, but that’s what they wanted and now they have to make the hard choices.  Bad behavior, bickering, and obstinence is getting them nowhere.  Do they seriously think they can stay in charge after this?

While 2010 may be a better year for Republicans nationwide, here locally, they might finally take the beating that they missed in 2008.


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