Will tomorrow be the day?

No one really knows how this budget debacle is going to end, but hopefully tomorrow will be the day that we find out.  However, I feel like the legislature has been saying that for months.

I will gladly give you a budget on Tuesday for a hamburger today.

"I will gladly give you a budget on Tuesday for a tax cut today."

This not so special session has been going on for a month now, and after last week’s fail, who knows if it will get any better this week.  Someone, somewhere has to come up with a deal that works, right?  The House passed a budget that it appears would pass muster with the Governor.  What is taking the Senate?  Do they want to sit around and debate this some more?

Seriously, there are folks now saying that failure is the best option.  People are now rooting for the legislature to fail.  That’s like betting the “No Pass” line in craps. 

What makes it even more funny is that the failure is rooted on by folks like Americans for Prosperity, who are fiscally conservative by their nature and inclined to support Republicans.  So basically, these groups are so fed up that they want their own fellow Republicans to fail in providing leadership!

Terry Goddard is sitting in a dark room somewhere laughing maniacally.


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