Day-oh, daylight come and we want to go home

I was watching Channel 5 last night, and to my surprise, they are reporting that Senator Chuck Gray is on vacation and not available for a budget vote.  Stupid KPHO should give me the opportunity to embed the video so you can see just how ridiculous this whole thing is.

As a Senator, you really only have one job.  Pass a budget.  The rest of the time and the other crap you pursue is sort of a “perk” of the job. Perhaps when you are one of the critical votes, maybe it isn’t the best time to go on a cruise in the Carribean.

Gee, I wonder if this is going to come up in his re-election campaign.  My guess is yes.  In fact, it has already started with this hilarious video here. Who wants to bet that this is the Democrat’s mantra on Gray from here on out?

Will it be yet another day where nothing gets done?


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