Is it really a deadline, if it keeps changing?

The Senate has bought a little more time, once again extending their deadline.  Of course, the real deadline was in June, this is about the third time the deadline has been extended but who’s counting?  Anyways, if anyone is even still listening at this point, they have until Monday the 10th to get a deal done.

I guess that is when one person comes back from the Carribean and another might be able to come after surgery. Surgery I get, cruises?  Not so much.  Anyway, it sounds like things are tense in the Senate as people are stepping down from their positions because they are pissed off.  Don’t know much about Gorman, but since she is in the same company as Gould, you can bet she is an ideological wacko.  Sure, people say they want to vote for this, or at least  have the chance to vote, but Nooooo, you know better, don’t you, Pam?

Meanwhile, @NotPamelaGorman is dropping the ball, not striking all of this comedic gold while the iron is hot!

How can these guys sit around, not do their job, and expect to be relected next year?  This goes for the Democrats and the Republicans.  Seriously, you guys had to wait for some guy to get back from vacation to get your deal done?

Let’s hope they can really get something done on Monday.  I am really sick of waiting.


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