Get ready to speak out!

So, if the legislature is somehow able to get their act together and pass something for the ballot, you’ll have a whopping 4 days to comment on it, if you want to be in the election guide.

I guess it’s better than nothing, but gosh, that’s cutting it kind of close isn’t it?  Would we have had more time if they were actually able to get something done earlier?  Like, if say, they didn’t go on vacation for weeks at a time?

You know what else cracks me up?  The fact that people are so pissed off at Obama that they start deflecting their anger on the local government.  In their minds, Obama is wasting so much money that they must get their money somehow, so, why not punish the state?  After all, the state only provides education, public safety, blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Obama is in way over his head and the stuff he is shooting for will hurt us for years to come.  I also think that he is pushing big reforms, knowing that he will fail, so that by the time he comes back with what he really wants, we’ll all be so desensitized that we won’t realize that it’s still a terrible step in the wrong direction.  But hey!  That’s change, isn’t it?

Anyway, whether you like the tax or not, you should take a minute to file an argument for or against the proposition.  That is, if they are actually able to get something done on Monday, and who knows what will really go down.


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