Road to nowhere

We’re on a road to nowhere and we’re making great time.  No one is willing to budge on the budget, and the rats are starting to abandon ship

Desperate times may even start calling for desperate measures, to some, the racetrack casinos are even starting to look good.  Trickery like that reminds me of those cartoons where the guy is trapped on a desert island and even the rocks start to look good.

...Or those racertracks again

"...Or those racertracks again"

Like I said, this thing is going to drag on long enough that everything is going to come back on the table.  At this rate, we’ll get some sort of solution around November.  Which, will be cool, because then the Republicans will only have to wait a year to wait before getting their butts kicked because they completely failed at governing.  Not that the Democrats are doing any better, but their silence and desire to stand back and allow the Republicans to fail is going unchecked and therefore the blame probably won’t fall on them.


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