Welcome to Arizona, Mr. President. Now get the Democrats to do something!

Hoopededoo!  President Obama is in Arizona again today.  How many times is this now?  Three?  Four?  Twenty-Seven?

Don’t know if he read the paper while he was here over the weekend, but let’s hope he did.  Yesterday, the Arizona Republic had an article about courting Democrats to actually get a budget done.  My particular favorite was the grid of needs from Democrats which were almost spelled out like ransom demands.

Not only that, but the Republic, usually the Democratic cheerleading machine is even saying that the sales tax is the best alternative.  These are the same people decrying the critics of Obama’s healthcare plan.  Come on guys, the Republic is on your side!

Yet, when you look to the Democrats, all you hear is crickets.  Like him or not, the President is trying to lead.  He has set policy forward and is working hard to achieve it.  Sure, he is having his own troubles, but no one would say he isn’t trying to lead, but here in Arizona, it’s a different story.

Obama wants Arizona, and he wants it bad.  However, he should tell these Democrats that they need to get their butts in gear and be part of a budget solution.  Otherwise, the Democrats are going to be left in the dust, crying about being left out, while they get blamed for causing the budget problem and being unwilling to fix it.


4 Responses to “Welcome to Arizona, Mr. President. Now get the Democrats to do something!”

  1. With Cheese. Says:

    The Dems have a plan, if my memory serves me well. It’s the Republicans that consider the Dems toxic spent reactor fuel and go to great lengths to avoid breathing the same air. What you are saying is that the Dems should get on board with this budget because it will Fix Arizona? The Dems are correct in their posturing – they should remain just as cooperative with the Republicans as the Republicans are with them. There is no sense to give ground with no return. You just want to see the Dems get steamrolled.

  2. Citizen CLW Says:


    I’m not exactly dazzled by the AZ Democratic party either, but it is quite a stretch to imply that they are standing in the way of a rational state budget!

    The Dems have been completely shut out of the budget negotiations (save for a few slim moments last month when the ‘leadership’ pretended to be interested in what they had to say). Despite that, they have thrown up a website http://www.strongerarizona.com, publicly proliferated the findings of the FACT report (which Sen Pres Burns requested and subsequently ignored) and have been trying to get people how serious our budget situation really is.

    I’ve watched almost every House & Senate hearing recently and it is usually a Democrat who stands up to point out the obvious: the current budget plan is harmful to education and doesn’t even begin to bridge the structural budget deficit. The JLBC has backed them up, and has published a report showing that the deficit will still be billions of dollars short even IF the sales tax passes.

    We need leadership to REFORM our swiss-cheese style tax system. Another temporary plan to add a new incremental tax isn’t the way forward. The current “budget” is totally irresponsible — our state deserves much better than that.

  3. Craig Says:

    Actually, the Democrats have been trying to bring some reality to the budget process (witness today’s meeting of the House Appropriations Committee where Dem Matt Heinz proposed an amendment to stabilize the state’s sales tax base in a revenue neutral way, only to see the Reps on the committee deride his proposal before voting it down.)

    However, the Rep leadership has made it clear that they don’t *want* Dem votes, unless the Dems vote for a wholly Republican-crafted budget.

    Simply put, the Reps haven’t and won’t negotiate with Democrats, even if it means long-term disaster for the state.

  4. Zelph Says:

    Yeah, that’s the ticket. It’s all the Democrats fault. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Couldn’t have anything to do with incompetent leadership by the party that controls the legislature and has one of their own as governor. I’m sure the voters will be able to see that.

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