Listen Up, Pam Gorman

Senator Pam Gorman refuses to support the Republican budget, despite the fact that the voters in her district do and pretty much everyone else in the world is telling her to do it as well.  Now comes this video that I saw on Gila Courier:

Wow, that’s pretty harsh.  Although, she is probably crazy enough not to care.  Who cares about doing the right thing anyway?  The legislature really should just go back to sqaure one…. who’s with me?!?


5 Responses to “Listen Up, Pam Gorman”

  1. BJ Foj Says:

    The problem is that the video includes too many absolute falsehoods to even start. First, she DID vote for the budget. One more than one occasion. EVERY budget bill. She just opposed the $1 billion annual sales tax increase referral. And she supported the property tax cuts. Three times. And fought for them. And they are on way to Governor now. Governor has vetoed them twice so far. Of course there is NO attribution in this video. So easy to put out complete lies and falsehoods, spread it around … and never have to account for it. Pathetic, really. She’s actually pushed to phase out the individual income tax completely (instead of doing corporate taxes). Obviously, the big time insiders (all males, of course, haha) don’t want that — they want corporate welfare.

    She was the only woman in leadership. She was the only member in Senate leadership with a college degree. She has more knowledge in her little finger than most of those good old (and rich) boys do in their whole bodies. They don’t like that so much … She’s been consistent throughout and I think its pretty remarkable that she stands up and won’t be bullied.

  2. fixarizona Says:

    It’s nice that Pam has friends like you. Let’s hope you are her chairman of her failed congressional committee.

  3. Team Gorman in panic mode « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] Fix Arizona […]

  4. Restore Integrity Says:

    Randy Pullen, the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party endorsed a $3 billion tax increase on Arizona working families before any of us even knew such an absurd proposal was being considered.

    Randy was there for the unveiling. He was there. As Party Chairman, with his letter in hand on Arizona Republican Party letterhead saying “Yes, we support raising taxes on Arizona working families $3 billion even before we seriously consider cutting the size of government.”

    Randy Pullen is a disaster. He is so tied in with the special interest, tax increase crowd that he can’t even begin to remember what being a Republican even means. He’s become a national disaster. I can tell you as someone who is very familiar with national politics, that Randy has become someone to be “managed” because he has sold out to the special interests.

    I spoke to Party Chairman Michael Steele early on during this session during at a small dinner in Washington. He was shocked to hear that Randy had jumped out in support of the largest tax increase in Arizona history even before a serious effort had ever been made to cut spending. Randy is the Grand Marshall of the Tax Increase parade and as a Republican, I think it’s time for a change.

    We need to send Randy to a TEA PARTY! Does he not understand that people are tired of more and more taxes and deficit spending? We’re Republicans because we want LESS spending, SMALLER government, and LESS (not $3 billion MORE) taxes on hardworking Arizona families that ALREADY pay more than their fair share.

    Everywhere around the country, Republicans are rejecting higher taxes, socialized medicine, increased government spending and deficits that we pass on to our children and grandchildren. And here in Arizona, the Party Chairman Randy Pullen says RAISE TAXES by $3 billion and lets attack Republicans who don’t go along with it.

    Let’s head a new direction as Republicans. As conservatives, let’s find a new candidate for Governor. Someone like Dean Martin that will manage our state finances and not RAISE TAXES. And let’s find a new Chairman that LISTENS to the messages coming from the tea parties. That understands that we are not interested in Republicans (or Democrats) that promise to stop tax increases and reduce spending … and yet upon becoming elected support things like the largest tax increase in Arizona history — STAMPED with the approval and endorsement of special interest sell-out insider RANDY PULLEN.

    How much money does Randy make on this deal? What’s the payout for selling the future of the Republican Party down the river (when nationally Republicans are ascending at astronomical levels … nationally we are OPPOSING big tax increases, not supporting them and attacking Republicans who oppose TAX INCREASES).

    It’s happened all across America. The Democratic Party has made HUGE gains in state legislatures (and the Congress). Well, Republicans are on a rise now across the country, except for in Arizona where Randy Pullen is driving the ship off the waterfall because he has something to gain by raising taxes on Arizona families … can someone invite him to a tea party and MAKE HIM LISTEN?

    It’s time for a change. Or we’ll pay the consequence.

  5. Restore Integrity Says:

    70 percent of voters oppose a tax increase. 88 percent of Republican voters oppose a tax increase. 78 percent of independents oppose a tax increase. Even 48 percent of Democratic voters oppose a tax increase. And Governor Brewer blames “extremists” in both parties for her (thus far) failure of pushing her tax increase. Governor Brewer is the extremist. She’s outside the mainstream and it’s time for her to go.

    Keep fighting Governor Brewer on her tax increase Senator Gorman! And kudos to Senator Gorman, Senator Ron Gould, Senator Jim Waring, Representative Sam Crump and Representative Andy Biggs for standing with the people and opposing the Governor’s $3 billion tax increase!

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