Republicans, Democrats, Everyone is to blame!

Well, holy crap, judging by the comments yesterday, Democrats really don’t want anyone to blame them for any part of this budget mess.  But guess what?  Whether they like it or not, they are part of the problem.  Their delusion that they somehow offered a “solution” is exactly part of the damn problem here.  They aren’t the only ones at fault, but everyone has a piece of the blame here.

The Republicans are about to send up the same budget that got vetoed.  Somehow, they hope that it will have a different result.  Oh, and they also say that they will get this whole property tax thing figured out, soon.  Now, bear in mind, they can’t even get other Republicans like Gorman and Gould under control, so how doo they expect to get anything else done?  These guys are proving that they could lead their way out of a paper bag.

The Democrats aren’t much better.  The biggest whine is that the Republicans took their ball and wouldn’t play with them.  Well, boo hoo.  You sat back quietly and allowed the Republicans to screw themselves, and you have laughed about it while saying “Woah is me.”  Now education is going to take a beating, and you want no part of it.  You know what, you were down there.  You could have done something about it and you didn’t.  Like it or not a sales tax would have been a lot better than what you are going to end up with.  Now, no one gets a choice, and it’s because not a single democrat was willing to vote for the budget.  Great job.  You fail too. 

If I invited a group of people over to my house and offered them raw chicken, no one would eat it.  But after they left, I could say, “Hey, i offered them food and they choose to ignore me.”  The Dems are doing the same thing.  Stronger Arizona was their turd sandwich that they knew no one would eat, but gave them cover for offering.

Ug.  Everyone is to blame for this mess and we aren’t getting anywhere closer to fixing it.  This thing could go on and on forever.  Until someone finally caves in, or my head explodes.


4 Responses to “Republicans, Democrats, Everyone is to blame!”

  1. Citizen CLW Says:

    LOL – I hear where you are coming from, but you analogy is a bit off.

    The current situation is a bit more like having people over to your house, offering them raw chicken…and then making everyone STAY until they eat something. You’d have four groups then…

    1. The Republicans who would fight over who could eat the most raw chicken, simply because some dude named Grover told them that the one who ate the most raw chicken would be the Most Republican-ist of them all.

    2. The Republicans who knew better than to eat raw chicken but succumbed to peer pressure and choked down a piece anyway. They would then leave with their fingers crossed that they didn’t die from salmonella.

    3. The Democrats who aren’t eating the chicken for a variety of reasons…not the least of which is that they are hedging their bets that the salmonella will set in and they’ll be the only healthy ones left.


    4. The majority of us who are sitting back and wondering why the hell no one is walking over, picking up the raw chicken and sticking it into the oven. Or the frying pan. Or the rotisserie…or any other cooking method since, as we all know, there isn’t just one way to cook a bird.

  2. Um, Republicans, or should I say Groverites!!! Says:

    Republicans, or should I say Groverites refuse to pull off their socks and add two plus two and get four.

    Do a Budget? Why they can’t even get 16, 31 and ONE!

    When Jan Brewer basically calls you an idiot, you must be doing something really dumb.

    But hey, every federal dollar will come with strings that give the Dems even more power, so as far as I am concerned, they should all resign and give it to Goddard, after all he will be winning in November 2010 by default.

  3. todd Says:

    I’m not a democrat or republican but I have a tough time blaming democrats on this one. From all the reports I have read they have been asking to be part of negotiations from day one and even had worked with GOP lege leadership on a budget before they got screwed. Meanwhile we have a budget that has made so many concessions to the right that even if a sales tax is passed it isn’t going to be all that helpful. The current budget is also completely irresponsible with large deficits coming two years out.

  4. fixarizona Says:

    I will never buy the whole “we asked to be part of the discussion and we were closed out.” Wah. Figure it out. Do what you can to be a part of the discussion or figure out one or two small victories to claim. Getting completely rolled shows that you care more about your political aspirations than all of the things you claim to care about.

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