On the Democratic spirit of “bipartisanship”

Another hot topic of discussion around here is how much blame should be placed on the Democrats for their part in this budget debacle.  First, thanks for all of the comments, keep em coming.  Second, I am not at all buying “the Democrats wanted to work together and no one listened” bullcrap. 

Don’t believe me, just check out the Democratic party press page:

For those counting at home, that is 16 releases critical of the Governor and 7 releases critical of the GOP since Janurary.  Gee, that sure shows me a willingness to reach across the aisle and work together.  Uh, hey guys, if you want anyone to listen or work with you, perhaps you should stop crapping all over them.  Rooting for everyone to fail is not the same as actively looking for a solution.  Ironically, its the same thing that the Democrats are saying to Republicans in Congress:  don’t just complain about how things are bad, do something about them.  Nationally, the Democrats want Republicans to do their part, but they want Democrats to get a pass for sitting on the sidelines here locally.

Everyone is to blame for this mess.  No one is getting a free pass here.


3 Responses to “On the Democratic spirit of “bipartisanship””

  1. Nothing says “spirit of cooperation” like trombones « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] FIX ARIZONA NOW! Tell us your plan. « On the Democratic spirit of “bipartisanship” […]

  2. todd Says:

    Seeing as how we don’t live under a one-part system, I am a little surprised you would expect that somehow the governor should be free from criticism. Politicians criticize each other all the time, if this meant that were unwilling to work together it is likely very little would get done.

  3. The blame game continues « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] The blame game continues By fixarizona Last week, Espresso Pundit wrote a very interesting piece on the budget and how the Democrats are now warming to some sort of tax on the ballot.  Where were they months ago?  The comments that ensued reminded me of the Democrat call for “bipartisanship” which was accompanied by 16 releases critical of the Governor and 7 releases critical of the GOP. […]

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