Team Gorman in panic mode

It’s funny.  If you look at any blog that has posted the Pam Gorman video, you now see a team of commenters trying to rationalize her votes with crazy long rants that all sound very similar.  Check out a couple:

Seeing Red Arizona

Fix Arizona

Gila Courier

Eye on the 9th Floor

Sonoran Alliance – Just posted, but you wait, it’ll happen

First, why do people think that any one is going to read a long string of stream of thought sentences?  Its called a return key!  It even works when you are cutting and pasting.

The video is now over 300 view, a number which will likely jump after Sonoran Alliance readers have a crack at it (seriously, Sonoran Alliance gets crazy traffic).  However, even through all this hoopla, the funny part is is not even a real site. 

The Gorman machine has been fired up to defend a youtube video.  That’s about as far as it has gone.  Just wait until the voters actually figure out what she did.


2 Responses to “Team Gorman in panic mode”

  1. Heard it in the halls Says:

    I understand that Pamela is really mad.

    She doesn’t like to be called Pam….

  2. BJ Foj Says:

    The $3 billion+ tax increase on Arizona working families will pass. That’s why the Governor wants it.

    The $3 billion+ tax increase on Arizona working families will be PERMANENT (not temporary – they NEVER are).

    There will be NO tax cuts. The chance any cuts ever take effect is slim to none. They’ll be repealed long before ever taking effect.

    The property tax repeal is on Governor Brewer’s desk and it would not be there but for the insistence of Senator Gorman on agreeing to support the Republican budget bills. If it fails, the Governor owns it.

    Big corporate tax cuts are never passed on to consumers. They benefit shareholders. That’s all well and good, but not fair when you’re asking Arizona working families to pay $1 billion per year in increased taxes.

    Passing a $1 billion per year tax increase is ALWAYS a bad idea. It’s a particularly bad idea when it’s NOT balanced by any real tax cuts and its in the midst of Arizona’s worst recession. It will put off recovery for years. It will deepen the recession and increase the suffering of Arizona working families.

    Gorman is standing up to the good old boys network who is pushing for this tax increase because it’s what she believes. It’s why Sam Crump voted against this horrible tax increase. It’s why Andy Biggs voted against the horrible tax increase. It’s why Ron Gould and Jim Waring voted against this horrible tax increase.

    So, why is Gorman the focus? Because she’s strong woman, perhaps? Because she’s been the most outspoken critic of the good old boys network and their horrible idea for a big tax increase?

    Any Republican who is pushing Gorman to support this stupid idea is playing right into the Democrats playbook. It’s not only bad policy, but it’s a very, very stupid political step for Republicans to own. Did anyone notice the tea parties taking place across Arizona and America? Those people are opposing the “good old boys” and their say one thing, do another dishonest politics. They are fighting the tax and spend policies the good old boys are pushing.

    Gorman is a hero. And the more these dishonest bully-boys try to push their tax increase, the more taxpayers have appreciated her willingness to stand up and say “NO! I won’t support a $3 billion+ tax increase on Arizona working families!”

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