Nothing says “spirit of cooperation” like trombones

So yesterday, I pointed out how the Democrats are saying they want a “bipartisan” budget, but really, they want the absolute opposite.  Sixteen press releases crapping all over the Governor should make people think otherwise.  Then, someone sent me this gem this morning:

Come on guys,  couldn’t you get the rights to the Benny Hill music?  Maybe have some of the legislators running around in fast motion. 

It’s not like this is an old video, either.  It is less than two weeks old.  How can you be genuine about wanting to work together and still putting stuff like this out?  Did you wear “Jan Brewer Sucks” tee-shirts into the negotiations as well?

This goes for everyone, you can’t say one thing and then do another.  When I read crap like this, it just kills me when they only say one side of the story.  I am going to list their timeline of what they say, along with what they really did in between the lines (in Red):

January 10 – Democrats skewer Brewer appointment

January 21 – Brewer takes office

January 26 – House Democrats propose budget solution to 2009 shortfall, call for bipartisan talks

February 1 – Democrats Criticize GOP cuts

February 4 – Dems criticize Brewer for going to Super Bowl

February 12 – Criticism of House Republicans

February 13 – Criticism of Brewer’s handing of Econmic crisis

February 24 – Attack on house Republicans for school funding

March 5 – Dems attack Brewer for “lacks a real plan”

March 24 –  Dems attack Governor for fundraiser

March 30 – House Democrats propose budget solution to 2010 shortfall, call for bipartisan talks

April 2 – Dems Criticize sales tax plan

April 4 – Dems attack Brewer’s efforts to educate the public

April 10 –  Dems claim Governor “did nothing” to avoid teacher layoffs

April 11 – Less than 2 weeks after wanting bipartisan talks, Dems start referring to the governor as “No Plan Jan”

April 25 – Dems criticize again, claiming “No Plan Jan” lets others do the talking

May 1 – Five days later House Democrats send a letter to Brewer urging her to call all 4 leadership teams to her office for bipartisan talks

May 2 – A day later, Dems attack Brewer saying she has “no clear plan

May 8 – Six days after that, Dems criticize Governor and staff for lack of action

May 9 – A day later, a total of nine days after asking for peace, Dems go after Republican Legislators calling them dishonest

May 28 – House and Senate Democrats release joint proposed budget solution to 2010 shortfall, call for bipartisan talks

June 1- Brewer releases her budget proposal for 2010. Democrats meet with her to be briefed.

June 3 – House Democrats send a letter to Brewer responding to her budget proposal and again, call for bipartisan talks

June 9 –  Dems attack Governor for holding hearing on her budget

June 15 – So much for negotiations, Dems announce opposition to Gov’s budget

June 17 – Dems denounce Republicans’ “failed Leadership”

June 24 – What’s a week without pointing out Republican “failed leadership?”

June 28 – For good measure, Dems claim that Republicans are “poisoning the well”

June 30 8:30 pm – Brewer calls House and Senate Dem leadership teams to her office to talk about a compromise (3.5 hours before deadline!). Talks end when Democrats urge Governor to call Republican leadership to join the discussion and she doesn’t bring them to her office.

July 2 –  Two days later, Dems place the blame for budget mess solely at the feet of Brewer despite meeting with her

July 2 – Two press releases in one day criticizing Brewer shows that they really didn’t cause this problem

July 4 – In case you didn’t know, the Dems think the budget mess is Brewer’s fault

July 23 – Oh, and unenemployment is Brewer’s fault too

August 5 – Dems launch video decrying Brewer’s “failure to lead”

August 11 -Six days later, House Democrats send another letter to Brewer urging her to call 5-party bipartisan talks.

 Somtimes it helps to read between the lines.


2 Responses to “Nothing says “spirit of cooperation” like trombones”

  1. Zelph Says:

    And just how many times has the Guv blamed this mess on her predecessor and the Dems? I lost count. Sorry but if you want to be a leader you have to have a tough hide. You can’t refuse to work with folks cause they hurt your feelings.

  2. fixarizona Says:

    And you can’t act self-righteous when you say one thing and do another.

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