Gorman remains a big topic

Senator Pamela Gorman remained one of the big topics over the weekend, with another video launched aimed at changing her mind:

To which and the other recent attacks, Gorman has now responded.  The anti-sales tax crowd is in full force, cheering her on, because, really voters should only get a chance to decide on the stuff that they agree with.  Plus, they don’t trust the voters, because they may actually support the tax.  Go to hell, representative Democracy!   

Some other folks have also come to her defense, calling her akin to Sarah Palin, which I don’t know if I think is such a good thing.  The problem with Palin is not her beliefs or her principles.  It’s the fact that she is so easily defined. 

Look, Palin burst onto the scene and everyone thought she was great… until about 3 minutes after the first Tina Fey impression.  Then, Republicans were like “holy crap, we’re screwed.”  I know a lot of people who can’t look at Palin without thinking about Tina Fey.  Some thing goes for Gould, Gorman and the rest of the crazy gang.  They are so steadfastly and stubbornly married to their ideologies that they cannot see the forrest for the trees.  Forget compromise, they could debate the color of the sky for weeks at a time.

That is why parodies like @NotRonGould and @NotPamGorman are so hilarious.  These people are so one dimensional that their parodies hit almost too close to home.


3 Responses to “Gorman remains a big topic”

  1. Keeper Says:

    I’m not sure that being easily defined is a problem. I think most Americans loathe the typical ambiguous soundbites they get from most politicians. We like Reagan, Newt, and others who speak the truth in spite of the consequences.

    The Tina Fey thing is scary if true. If some Republicans have so little integrity and so few values that they can be persuaded by a SNL skit, the they deserve the Obama Regime. Like the old saying goes, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything.

    Compromise is sometimes necessary, but taxes are the cornerstone of the Republican Party Platform. If you compromise on the most basic of values, you essentially have none.

    Thanks for the hat tip, btw!

    • fixarizona Says:

      Ironically, the same conservatives are mad at the Gov for speaking the truth despite the consequences. She thinks a tax is necessary because the hole is so bad. This does not jibe with the whole “tax is a cornerstone” thing, but when you have to cut 30% of the total budget, there’s trouble. I know what you are going to say before you say it, “make more cuts,” but how does that work within the rest of the electorate, especially to those with kids in school?

  2. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Was at a meeting tonight where Senator Gorman spoke. She tried to leave when it was her turn to speak and when she did speak she said she had to make it quik and had no time for questions. After she spoke, she quikly left the room. She, Senator Sarah (airhead) Gorman seemed like she was out to lunch.

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