Countdown to September 5th

The legislature closed its special session yesterday, and now the Governor has 10 days to decide what she is going to do with the budget that has been placed before her.  That is 10 more days to “negotiate” which who knows what can really be done in that amount of time, considering that they have had since January and nothing has really changed. 

And despite claims that the Dems want bipartisanship, their demands for rainbows, unicorns, and the reinstatement of the property equalization tax seem unrealistic.

Meanwhile, Republicans aren’t getting along any better.  Gorman is front and center again, this time being criticized by the Chairman of the Party.  Now, the chairman is being attacked for saying anything.  See, again, people are only as good as their last statement.  In this case, the chairman, who was the former jewel of the conservatives, is now in the doghouse because he thinks a tax is necessary.  Heaven forbid he has an opinion!  And now, they are attacking him for making comments about the people who didn’t vote for the budget.

Let me get this straight, it’s okay for Republicans to attack eachother, call one another terrible names, and weaken the overall party, but it’s not okay for the chairman of that same party to share his opinion.  As they say, it’s his job to keep a Republican majority and work to keep Republicans in office.  In my mind, he is doing just that.

The old folks with kids who left school years ago could give two craps about education in this state, but there are a lot of people who do…. like, say, every Republican who has a kid in public school.  These are the people that are registering Independent everyday because they don’t feel like Republicans represent their needs.  In their mind, there are basic services that the Government provides – such as public safety and education.

When both take dramatic cuts, it’s hard for them not to want to fix the problem.  “Cut and cut some more” isn’t the solution they are looking for, and gee, perhaps they are willing to pay a little bit more in the short-term to help them in the long-term.  If that means a tax, well then, holy crap, maybe they should have a chance to vote on it.

When it comes down to it, the people criticizing Pullen, the people standing in the way of the tax and holding desperately to the “Republican Platform” are the people who know that if the tax goes to the voters, it’s going to pass. 

They can say all they want that it will go down in flames.  If that is the case, why not let it fail?  Then you can say, “I told you so” and you get to make all the cuts and no one can say boo because the “voters have spoken.”  What would be wrong with that?

So, put your money where your mouth is and figure out a budget deal before September 5th and while you are at it, let the voters have a voice in the process.  You have failed enough as it is and its time to allow us to take this into our own hands.


2 Responses to “Countdown to September 5th”

  1. todd Says:

    Why is reinstatement of the property equalization tax unrealistic? It simply takes a line item veto.

  2. john Says:

    Because now would be the worst time in the world to impose a new obligatory tax on businesses and homewonwers. Businesses create jobs, government does not. Sales taxes are self imposed, property taxes are not. If the Governor wants to hold Republicans together she must hold the line on this tax and continue to insist from D’s and R’s that voters be given a choice in this process.

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