It’s a frickin’ sign!

There seems to be a bunch of hullabaloo about the sign-stealing caseand the fact that the Senator was found not guilty.  I mean, to the point that there has been a veritable blogapalooza about it this morning:

Espresso Pundit
Random Musings
Sonoran Alliance
Seeing Red AZ

You’d think he beat a murder rap.  My particular favorite is the picture posted on Sonoran Alliance rocking glamor shot lens:

Barbara Walters would be proud!

Barbara Walters would be proud!

What a waste of taxpayer dollars.  It’s a frickin’ sign for crying out loud.  I think the judge got it right and the real shame here is that it took legal actions and taxpayer money to figure this all out.

You know what’s worse?  YET AGAIN, the focus is taken off the real problems that our state faces.  People get more passionate about a sign then they do about actually figuring out a solution to the state’s problems. 

What makes it even more hilarious to me is that all the Republicans are claiming triumph over some evil, while the Democrats are claiming that it is all a conspiracy against them.

Isn’t this such a little microcosm of Arizona politics?


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