Selective Listening

I saw this great video from Congressional Candidate Bradley Beauchamp.  I challenge you to watch it and not get a little fired up. 

He’s right.  Elected officials work for us.  Not the other way around.  They are elected to represent the people and they should listen to everyone, not just the people they agree with.

The irony is, that people (including those cheering in the video) only really want their elected officials to listen to more people when its their voice that is not being heard.  When they agree with the official’s opinion, you hear a lot more about doing what is “right” and not being swayed by “tactics” from others. 

Have you ever noticed that the rabid anti-tax people are furious that their voice isn’t being heard over healthcare, but they think that Gould, Gorman, and the rest of the anti-tax seperatists shouldn’t listen to anyone or change their mind at all of supporting any tax.  Then, the Democrats accuse the conservatives of creating “false outrage” over the healthcare discussion, yet claim “woe is me” status on the budget?

It’s only when they are on the outside looking in that there is a listening problem.

Bipartisan talks are starting again today, and everyone involved would be wise to listen to what other people are saying.


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