An Open Letter to Arizona Senator Pamela Gorman

Dear Senator Gorman;

You seem to have forgotten whom you work for, please let me remind you, you work for the people of Arizona. I am a citizen of Arizona and a resident of the district you represent in the Arizona Senate, therefore, as a citizen of Arizona and a voter from the your district, you work for me.

Since the majority of the Arizona Senate and the Governor of Arizona are unable to reach an agreement concerning raising the sales tax temporarily by one cent to help close the budget gap and save some services to the people of Arizona and since you and Senator Ron Gould have blocked referral of this question to the ballot, I now want you to allow my fellow citizens and myself to decide this question by the process of a legislative referendum.

Enough is enough, you have made your point, you are against an increase in taxes, however, I really do not care about your making points, your ambition or some pledge you made to get votes, I care about Arizona.

If the governor can trust the people, why can’t you?

Bob Haran,

American Conservative Republican

The writer is a Republican Vice Chairman of the district Senator Gorman represents.


6 Responses to “An Open Letter to Arizona Senator Pamela Gorman”

  1. Restore Integrity Says:

    Another open letter to Senator Gorman:

    Dear Senator Gorman:

    When you ran for office, you promised the people of this district that you would oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes on working families.

    Thank you for that promise and most of all, thank you for being one of the few elected officials in Arizona who have kept their word and kept their commitment to the voters. Too often, candidates say one thing to get elected and do the opposite once they gain power. I think that’s why so many in our society have grown frustrated with politicians.

    I would like to commend you, Senator Ron Gould, Senator Jim Waring, Representative Sam Crump and Representative Andy Biggs for standing up for the working families of Arizona. Government is too big and too expensive. The problem isn’t that taxpayers need to pay more. The problem is that government needs to spend less, like working families are doing during these troubling economic times.

    I promise you that if you change your mind and decide to support higher taxes, you will lose my support and the support of thousands of us who oppose a tax increase. The polling strongly demonstrates that if the tax increase gets to the ballot it is likely to fail in your district, but pass statewide. If such were to occur, the voters and all people in your district would be forced to pay a tax that they oppose. It is only because of your willingness and courage to fight against higher taxes that this district gets the representation we voted for in the last election.

    Before Jan Brewer and Randy Pullen, the Republican Party of Arizona used to oppose higher taxes. I’m glad that some Republicans like you, Senator Gould, Senator Waring, Representative Crump and Representative Biggs are standing firm in support of Republican principles and values. If Republicans won’t stand up for the principles of the party, why not just have Democrats run the state?

    Keep fighting Senator Gorman! The taxpayers appreciate someone willing to stand up for them for a change, regardless of what “tax-and-spend” Bob Haran believes.

    You represent your constituents and your values, NOT the never-elected Governor!


    A concerned Taxpayer

  2. Bob Haran Says:

    It seems that “Restore Inegrity” who posted the above reply to my letter to Senator Gorman does not have enough inegrity to use his or her real name.

    I don’t want an increase in any tax, I believe the people are the best stewards of their money and will waste less then government does, however, there are times I must put what I want aside and look at the larger picture, the state of Arizona may need an infusion of increased revenue to provide state services. The governor is simply asking the legislature to allow the people to decide what to do with their money and their state.

    I still have not recieved any reply from my senator, Pam Gorman.

    I was thinking about posting signs in the district asking the little princess why she does not trust the people. Is she telling us to let them eat cake ?

    Bob Haran,

  3. Tricia Groe Says:

    Thank you Senator Gorman, Senator Gould, Representative Biggs and others who continue to fight against this proposal of a tax increase. There are still areas of government spending that can be reduced before a tax increase is appropriate. Thank you for not abandoning your principles.

  4. fixarizona Says:

    Can’t wait for everyone who says there is still room to cut to let us all know what to look for. I want to see the list. Are you afraid to allow the voters to vote because they might actually go for it? If you were in horrible debt, would you not get another job to bring more revenue into the household?

  5. Blake Says:

    Tricia please detail where you would cut. Please detail what you plan to do on 2011 budget and 2012 deficits when you are out of stimulus.

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