Is today the day?

Although the Governor has until the 5th to take action on the bills, it looks like today might be the day for the budget.  The Governor is slated to leave town tomorrow, leaving AG Goddard in charge. 

I seriously doubt that he would take any action, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if he vetoed the budget?  Maybe he can take this chance to show his own brand of leadership that he keeps bragging about.  I doubt Dems really want to put their money where their mouth is.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like voters are going to be able to let their voice be heard on a sales tax despite yet another survey saying that people support it.  The survey also said that voters think that everyone is doing a bad job, which isn’t all that surprising, since we haven’t had a budget for 9 months now.  

Also, that rascal “undecided” is leading in the polls in front of an ominous list of candidates who are all made out to be forces of evil, except that one classy businessman with “young” children.  Awwww… let’s vote for the children! 

Let’s play that game:

Would you vote for a single female trial lawyer in her early fifties with no children?  Well, how about Janet Napolitano?

Would you vote for a one term U.S. Senator who has a background as a community “activist” and a lawyer?  Well, how about Barack Obama?

Yet, somehow, these people were able to win.  Do you think, maybe, the descrption might play a role?  How about this?

Would you vote for a millionaire developer who has donated money to indicted Congressman Rick Renzi and has associations with embroiled Supervisor Don Stapley?  But wait, that’s what google tells me when I look for local businessman and philanthropist Wil Cardon.


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