Yes, please run!

Sheriff Joe is considering a run for Governor and I am all for it.  Not because I want him to win, but because it will mean that he will no longer be the Sheriff.  Sure, it would be the “Sheriff Joe show” for awhile, but seriously, at the end of the day, all his craziness would finally catch up with him.  Losing millions in wrongful death lawsuits usually doesn’t bode well. 

Seriously, how bad do you have to be that your co-workers don’t want to give you any new patrol cars?  They give away at least two cars every day on the “Price is Right!”

In fact, I want Dean Martin, Ron Gould, Pamela Gorman, and the rest to run as well.  If you have a twitter making fun of you, @FauxSheriffJoe@NotDeanMartin, @NotRonGould, @NotPamGorman, you should run just for the comedic value.


One Response to “Yes, please run!”

  1. NotPamGorman Says:

    Governor? Me? I am so flattered you thought of little old me. I’m blushing.

    But seriously, I don’t think I’d have a Floozy’s chance in Florence to survive a Republican primary unmolested. After all, my singular legislative achievement, the Gorman Tax, just increased property taxes $250 million a year in the midst of a deep economic recession and record job losses in Arizona. That ain’t pretty, unlike yours truly 😉

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