For Sale

Slightly used legislature... cheap!

Slightly used legislature... cheap!

Wanna buy a government building? Now you can!  The state is going to sell selected building in the worst possible real-estate market and lease them back to try to generate some revenue.  I sort of see this as taking out a home equity line to pay for gas for your car, but whatever.

I seriously hope someone buys the legislative buildings and starts evicting people.  Or maybe they should sell some ad space in those fancy wooden chambers.  The Arizona Legislature brought to you by Depends and Riviera Pools! 

Maybe the new owner could turn up the air conditioning a little bit so these guys would start sweating a little and actually be motivated to leave.

Seriously, this is better than allowing the voters to vote to decide if they want to take themselves?  What are we, Mervyns?  I hope the legislature makes Ron Gould or Pamela Gorman deliver the rent each month.


2 Responses to “For Sale”

  1. Another Voice Says:

    Riviera Pools went out of business a year ago and stiffed hundreds of customers.

  2. fixarizona Says:

    That was sort of my point. Riviera Pools was sponsoring the D-Backs until the day they closed their doors. The transient nature of sponsorship in sports doesn’t translate well into other arenas.

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