Can you spare $1 billion?

Guess what?  The budget isn’t really fixed.  In fact, the hole is still around $1 billion.  Glad that there was all these extra months and weeks of negotiations to get stuff done.  Sure looks like it was worthwhile.

You know what makes it even more fun?  I think just about everyone is pissed off.  Did anyone get what they wanted out of this?  Well, maybe the Democrats did, because in all this mess, everyone continues to forget that Napolitano had a huge hand in making this problem.

Seriously, people, where are our priorities?  Obama spoke to some school children.  You’d think that he wanted to eat one on live TV.  Should he have asked students how they were “inspired?”  No, but should we have 24 hour news coverage about it?  Should we ignore the plummeting economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because of it?  I can’t wait for tomorrow when people are pissed off about something else trivial that he has done that distracts people from all the real failures that are happening all around us.

Here in Arizona, we are facing a nearly bottomless pit of financial shortfalls.  The legislature offered a budget that was “balanced” based on predictions that were already outdated.  The Governor added back in funding that she knew we didn’t have the money for.  Everyone has been talking, but it seems like they are speaking different languages.  

Nine months later and the hole is back down to $1 billion, and we are supposed to be happy about it?  How can you look at this situation and NOT say that our government is broken? 

How can anyone serving the people right now think they are doing a good job?  Maybe in order to “fix” Arizona first we are going to have to “fire” Arizona.


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