Self-inflicted wounds haunt Republicans

Republicans are trying really hard to make sure that this isn’t their year, despite history saying that it should be.  Following the Obama tidal wave, Republicans should be set to take back some seats in Congress and, one would guess, gain back some other offices nationwide.  But by the way these Republicans are acting, you’d almost think that they are TRYING not to get ahead. 

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson shouted, “You lie!”  during Obama’s healthcare speech to Congress last night.  First of all, good job not sounding crazy!  Second, way to wait until the part about illegal immigrants to start yelling.  That doesn’t sound at all hateful.  Last, but not least, thanks for giving the nation yet another distraction from talking about the other important things like the economy, the war, or any of the other fronts where Obama is failing.  Now, we’ll spend 5 days talking about decorum instead of real issues and Republicans will, yet again, be made out to look like morons.

Locally, you have to love the latest conspiracy theory about trying to put Dean Martin into the Governor’s office.  All it takes is impeaching a Governor of the same party and finding a way to get the Attorney General kicked out of office.  Simple, right?  I can imagine the Ocean’s 11 music playing when I think of this scheme.  The Republicans are heading into a fatal showdown where they are going to beat each other up and call their own fellow Republicans every name in the book.  What a fun blame game!  At least they will be idealogically pure!  In the meantime, Terry Goddard has gotten off the hook and will stay above the entire fray.  It looks like the Republicans are happy to send up the next Salmon or Munsil for the slaughter.

If Republicans think that this is really a winning formula, they are going to continue their downward spiral.  I swear, when I read comments from kooks like “Restore Integrity,”  you’d think the person was Gorman’s boyfriend or something.  Gould and Gorman “get it?”  Really?  Closed mindedness, unwillingness to work with others, and a crazy streak is what Republicans want to be known for?

Sounds like a great plan for success.


2 Responses to “Self-inflicted wounds haunt Republicans”

  1. Dr. Fred Says:

    I think “Restore Integrity” is Pam Gorman, too self praising of Gorman and attacking all who critize Gorman.

    The problem withthe GOP is two fold.

    First, politicians are just watching out for themselves and not the public.

    Second, Too many Libertarians have infiltrated the GOP and are using the GOP label to get themselves elected to public office, i.e. Gorman, Gould, and advance thier stupid anti-government philosophy.

    It’s also a generational difference. Our generation believed in “Ask Not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    The generation of Gorman, Gould, believe in “Ask not what responsibility I have to my country, ask what I can get from my country for me.”

  2. Do Nothing – Be Popular « FIX ARIZONA NOW! Says:

    […] mean to tell me with Republicans bashing fellow Republicans and Goddard standing on the sidelines, he is more popular?  Naw, you’re kidding me.  […]

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