Observation on Political Parties

How come so many Republicans proudly proclaim themselves as Libertarians?  If you are a Libertarian, why don’t you register as one?  Is it the marijuana and the same sex marriage that you can’t live with?  How does the Republican party live with that sort of sentiment within their ranks where people openly identify with another group, yet infiltrate your organization?  Are Gould and Gorman really Republicans at all?

You don’t have the super liberal Democrats claiming that they are really members of the Communist party.  Actually, you probably have Republicans saying that about Democrats, but they don’t identify it that way themselves.  Remember that guy who ran for Senate as an “independent” Democrat?  A lot of good that did him.

The reason I ask is not because I have a problem with Republicans, Libertarians or Democrats for that matter.  My question is when did ideology superceed political identity?  When did it become okay for people to attack their own party for the 5% of items where they disagree?  And if this is really the case, is there really a need for a two party system at all anymore?

After all, the labels don’t really mean anything anymore.  You aren’t just a Republican, you are a “conservative” Republican, a “pro-life” Republican, or gasp, someone else may call you a Republican “In name only.”  Same goes with Democrats.  Are you a “liberal” Democrat, a “rural” Democrat, or one of those “blue dog” varieties?

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is proposing a lot of potential reforms to Arizona Government.  Maybe she’ll suggest that we start skipping primaries all together.  With ideology taking center stage, should parties play a role at all?  Maybe everyone should just run at once.


One Response to “Observation on Political Parties”

  1. GOP Stalwart Says:

    You are on mark about Libertarians infiltrating the GOP, especially Gorman and Gauld, they are not Republicans at all.

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