Will next year be any different?

The Senate President says that he hopes they can avoid a similar debacle to the one that they had this year.  Will next year be any different?  On the surface, I’m thinking probably not.

First, we have $1 billion dollar shortfall that still needs fixing for this year.  Only a scant 9 months down, and the problem hasn’t been dealt with.  That problem isn’t going away and they have yet to prove they can fix the problem, let alone deal with next year’s gaping short-fall.

Second, the Senate hasn’t had a Gould-and-Gorman-ectomy, so those crazy people will still be running around.  That means any tax option is completely off the table, which will make trying to negotiate with the Democrats or anyone who potentially cares about education a whole lot of fun.  Hooray for crazy talk.

Speaking of Democrats, you think they were bad this year?  I expect them to be completely silent next year.  Do you think a single Democrat is going to cut education further in an Election year?  Give me a break.  Expect next year to be the Terry Goddard show with Democrats lining up to support Goddard and place all the blame on Republicans.

Next, no one is going to forget this year.  So, all the hurt feelings, bruised egos, etc are still going to be there.  They are starting at the bottom of a very deep and angry pit.  And the voters already already have given them shockingly low approval ratings.  It’s not exactly a great place to start.

Finally, it sounds like the Senate is going to work on other bills.  Great.  They are completely unable to get anything done on a budget, so let’s give them the chance to work on all of their other pet projects.  It’s like giving a kid ice cream despite the fact that they have done an incredibly crappy job paiting the fence and they refuse to finish.

So yeah, not only is Arizona not fixed, it doesn’t look like it will be fixed for a long time.


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