Republic shields Dems from Blame Game

Everyone knows that the Arizona Republic clearly has an agenda.  They have for years.  Sometimes, they can be subtle, and other times they beat you over the head with it.  In their post-mortem of this legislative debacle and in the days following, it has become clear that the Arizona Republic is going to do everything within their powers to make sure that the Democrats get off scott free for their role in this mess.

First, last week, they layed blame at the feet of Senator Burns and followed it up by slamming Adams for a lack of transparency.  It paints a disfunctional picture of the Republicans in both the House and the Senate.  So where was the piece critical of Democrats?  Well, it never came.  Instead, we are treated to a delightful interview with Minority Leader David Lujan talking about how he is “frustrated.”  We are supposed to take his “we tried” answer and be okay with it.

Then, today we got a quick hit giving Napolitano credit for border funding.  Are you kidding me?  Where was Napolitano when the spending was out of control?  When is she going to step forward and accept some of the blame for Arizona’s mess?  She left the state and dropped a huge problem in our lap and has been unapologetic about it. 

How can the Republic do things like this with a straight face?


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