The bubble is still popped

Hold on to your seats!  U.S. home prices rose 0.3 percent in July from the previous month!  I’m sure President Obama has “We are the Champions” queued up and ready to play.

I like good news, I really do.  But I am not going to get excited about a 0.3% increase in prices, especially since the overall index fell 4.2% over the last year.   At this rate, only 14 more months to make it back to where we were last year!

We’re still in the thick of the worst economic downturn we have seen in a long time.  And in the middle of it, we are making things worse with the Government encouraging people to go into more debt.  Things are probably going to get worse before they get better, especially here in Arizona.

I think that some people are hoping that if we hold out long enough, the state’s $1 billion dollar hole is going to fill itself.  The fact is, it won’t.  So, we are going to see even more cuts, or we have to find some other way to fix the problem.  Talked to a school teacher lately?  Most of them are scared for their job.  Sounds like a perfect learning environment for our kids.

Meanwhile, it appears that we have reached this lull where everyone seems to have accepted our budget problem.  I know it has been hard work, but that is what you were elected to do.  Making the right decision isn’t always the same as making the popular decision.  Now, get back to work!


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