If you’re running for Governor, we need your plan ASAP

There is a little debate going on over at Sonoran Alliance over which tier certain candidates for Governor belong in.  This debate has been fired up since Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker decided to throw his hat into the ring for Governor.  Is he a top tier candidate, is he a second tier candidate?  Who knows. 

You know what I do know?  If you are running for Governor, we need to see your plan for the budget ASAP.  I am not going to sit through a year and a half of platitudes and vagaries of “increasing revenue” or “making cuts” only to watch someone get elected who has no real plan or any idea of how to get it done.  Obama used up all the vagueness left in the universe.  As I said to Parker today on Twitter, I congratulate anyone who is willing to stick their neck out and lead, but I need to see the plan.

Making a plan and standing up for something is not always popular (see Brewer struggling against do nothing Goddard), but in this case, it is the right thing to do.  I am saying this not only to Parker, but to Goddard, Dean Martin and anyone else who jumps in, you need to bring the goods and tell us SPECIFICALLY what you are going to do.  If she decides to run, the same goes for Brewer, too.  She had a plan, it didn’t work, so we need to know what Plan B is.

Arizona deserves to know exactly what we are getting ourselves into.  I don’t care who you worked for or why people think you’re popular.  I just want to know if you can “FIX IT.”  If you’re a cutter – I want to know how much you want to cut from education.  I want to know how much you want to cut from Public Safety.  If you’re a taxer – I want to know how much realistically you want to raise and where it’s going to come from.  And then, when you are finished with all of that, I want to know your plan for actually getting it done at the legislature.  If you have Ron Gould or Pamela Gorman endorsing you, I want to know that too. 

We have waited for 9 months for a budget and it is still $1 billion short.  We can’t afford to do this time after time.  We can’t afford to watch someone get elected and then have them say “Holy crap, this is a lot harder than it looks.”

If you have a learning curve, you better get ahead of it now.  You need to be ready to go on Day 1.  In fact, you need to be ready to go on Day -100.  So, there you have it, in my mind, until you present a balanced budget and a plan for our state’s recovery, you are not a top-tier candidate. 

So, right now, the number of top-tiered candidates sits at Zero.


5 Responses to “If you’re running for Governor, we need your plan ASAP”

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  5. George Says:

    I want to run for governor and i have a real game plan how to i start

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