What is going to be our next distraction?

Remember two weeks ago when Joe Wilson and Kanye West were the big distractions?  Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it?  It was so important at the time, but now, it’s all about President Obama pitching Chicago for the Olympics.  I do admit that this picture from Exurban League is hilarious:


Now, we all have to breathlessly follow the President as he goes to Copenhagen.  Before that, it was about how the President felt about Kanye West, before that it was Joe Wilson, before that it was Death Panels, before that it was Healthcare forums, before that it was Tea Parties, and before that it was the “Beer Summit.”

In fact, I’m sure I probably missed a few other distractions.  We go through topics of outrage like each one might be our last.  It’s sad really, but hey, it’s better than doing real work, right?  So, here are my predictions of what will be the next distraction:

2 to 1 – Anti-Obama merchandise.  It’s free speech and the malls are closing them down.  Something must be done about our right to say pithy things about our President.

3 to 1 – Abortion.  With Goddard once again trying to stay away from controversy and the courts getting involved, expect the timeless debate to be at the top of the heap for a couple of days.

5 to 1 – ACORN’s latest debacle.  I think there is still more to be revealed from these guys.  It seems like they are begging to find ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

7 to 1 – Back to Healthcare.  It seems like a safe harbor whenever the other buzz seems to lull.

10 to 1 – Obama says something to someone.  He isn’t quite the gaffe machine that Bush was, but then again, no one expected Bush to say anything all that smart.  So, anytime Obama messes up, it’s a much bigger deal.

15 to 1 – Guns!  We haven’t talked guns in awhile.

20 to 1 – Trent Franks and his “an enemy of humanity” comment.  This will probably be bigger locally, but we’ll probably squeeze a few days out of it.

50 to 1 – The Economy.  Hello?  Things aren’t getting better.  Anyone want to do anything about it?

100  to 1 – The Budget.  This is a long shot nationally, and even longer in Arizona.  We’re going to see a lot more distractions before anyone finally faces the music.


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