Cut spending, lower taxes – why didn’t I think of that?

Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker has it all figured out.  To fix our gigantic budget mess, all we need to do is cut spending and reduce taxes.  Where was this brilliant man for the past 9 months?  Why didn’t he swoop in and dispense his wisdom when it was really needed?  Seriously, it’s so simple, how come no one thought of this before?

Terry Goddard thinks that a bi-partisan budget is “worth it.”  Woah.  Deep.

Fife Symington thinks we should spend only what we have.  What Zen.  Did that guy read Phil Jackson’s book or something?

Seriously, guys, did Kevin Costner teach you the art of interviewing?

Im going to take this budget one game at a time.

"I'm going to take this budget one game at a time."

I’m not buying what anyone is selling.  Like I have said before, if you are running for Governor, we need your plan and we need it now.  Platitudes and vague statements aren’t enough for me, especially coming from a guy who has been managing a town of a couple thousand people for only a year or two.  Seriously, Paradise Valley’s entire budget is about 50 times smaller than Arizona’s current deficit – not Arizona’s budget, mind you, just the hole we’re in.

I know people were not hot on the sales tax, which I respect, but in response, as I have been saying since day 1, so what is your plan?  What do you want to cut?  How much from education?  How much from public safety?  If you think we can “tighten our belt” more start tugging and show us what you’re made of.

Republicans should especially take note, since Goddard has done nothing and gotten away with it.  In fact, he may do nothing and become Governor. 

If Vernon Parker (or anyone else for that matter) doesn’t want to turn out like his former bosses, Matt Salmon and Len Munsil who were both beat by the Goddard-like nebulousness of Janet Napolitano, we better start seeing an actual plan.


3 Responses to “Cut spending, lower taxes – why didn’t I think of that?”

  1. indyfromaz Says:

    You want specifics? Why would they want to do that. Look at how successful Obama is with just the force of his charm :/
    Why would they want to stand on principles. People might not like them if they do… :/

  2. John Says:

    Seriously solid post, Parker reminds me of a poor mans version of Alan Keyes! Seriously, platitudes just don’t get it done. Where’s the beef?

  3. Bob Haran Says:

    Now let me see, if I can’t make my household budget I should spend less and make less, interesting.

    Vernon Parker can make his campaign theme something like, “LET THEM EAT CAKE. “

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