Two thoughts on the Obamalympics

There is much ado about the fact that Chicago didn’t land the 2016 Olympics despite President Obama’s best efforts.  I have two thoughts on the issue:

The good news for his opponents is that this failure shows that he is beatable.  If you can get him out in the open and make him stand for something particular, you have a chance to go toe to toe and win.

Hes not a machine.  Hes a man.  Hes a man!

He's not a machine. He's a man. He's a man!

 However, the bad news is a)  people are going to make a much bigger deal about this than they should,  b) he’s just going to move onto the next topic, and the big dance is going to continue.  Sure he lost the Olympics, but he did get support in Afghanistan.  What is going to be a bigger deal 2 weeks from now?  6 months from now?  A year from now?

Losing the Olympics is embarassing.  No one likes being spanked on the international stage, but in the long-run, who cares?  Do you remember who lost the 2012 bid?  What about the 2008 bid? 

If people really want to beat him up, they should be talking about the economy and the countless other things where he is struggling.  By just following him around and criticizing whatever he’s doing, you are letting him choose the conversation instead of having it chosen for him.


One Response to “Two thoughts on the Obamalympics”

  1. papatodd Says:

    Might it be possible that the IOC would have given Chicago the thumbs up if President Zero had not bashed America as much as he did on his World Tour?

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