Taxpayer money is taxpayer money

How come conservatives are outraged over spending taxpayer money when it is someone they disagree with, but are suspiciously silent when one of their friends do it?  If they are the stewards of the taxpayer dollar like they self-righteously claim to be, they should be just as mad when the read about things like Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas hiring high priced Washington attorneys.

Seriously?  We’re footing the bill for these guys?  According to the story, here is how much WE are going to be paying them:

DiGenova and Toensing will be paid $295 per hour for work when he is not in trial, $475 per hour if he goes to trial, and $150 per hour in travel time. Eisenberg will receive $250 per hour.

 So, if the flight from Washington to Phoenix is 4 hours, we are paying this dude $600 to sit on an airplane.  To do what?  Attack Supervisor Don Stapley, a fellow Republican.  Gee, that seems like a really Republican way to spend money.

Thomas’ bosom buddy Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t any better.  He is using money that should be spent for crime fighting to buy cars for his buddies.  That seems like he is using the money for its highest and best use, doesn’t it?  This is a little different because it is money taken from bad guys, but instead of raining money down on his cronies, maybe he could save the taxpayers a few bucks, by supplementing his budget.  Even better, he should be required to put all that money into a savings account for the next time he is hit with yet ANOTHER multimillion dollar lawsuit.  Thomas is in on the act too, buying himself a fancy Mercury Mountaineer to sport around. 

People like Thomas and Arpaio are wasting taxpayer dollars,  and no one is saying a word about it.  Why is this okay?  How do the conservatives who look the other way while all of this goes on have any shred of credibility?  

Maybe lawmakers should take these big bucks away from Thomas and Arpaio and actually use them to fix Arizona’s budget, apparently, these guys have so much money that they are finding creative ways to waste it.


One Response to “Taxpayer money is taxpayer money”

  1. Tip-Toe through the Halls Says:

    You Moron! We are afraid of Thomas. That guy is bi-polar.

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