It’s no wonder why people hate politics/politicians

If you eve wondered why so many people hate politics and politicians, just pick up today’s copy of the Arizona Republic.  The paper is chock full of stories of people misbehaving, sounding off, acting important, and even breaking the law.  Let’s take a look:

In a shady bit of campaigning, some people from Las Vegas are pretending to care about a Better Phoenix, or some crap like that.  These out of state union goons are not only pretending to be something that they are not, but they are actually breaking the law while they do it.  Super smart guys!

In his next bout of regular craziness, Sheriff Joe actually said, “I am free of the federal government.”  Couldn’t he borrow the line from Judge Dread and just say, “I am the LAW!”  Glad to see that the Sheriff has found another layer of Government to fight with, the local and county levels were just not enough for him.

Meanwhile, be glad you don’t live in AJ, otherwise your Vice Mayor might punch you and run over your motorcycle.  I’m sure that there is more to the story, but when you are an elected official, perhaps it’s not the best to get in a midnight altercation that turns violent.

Finally, you know what Arizona’s real problem is?  We don’t have enough people working on our vision.  Sure, the budget is a mess.  Yes, we’re making it harder to do business here.  Yes, the legislature is fiercely partisan and filled with idealogues who don’t care to get anything done.  You know what will fix all of this?  A vision!

Gee, I wonder why surveys always show that we don’t trust politicians.  Between all of these types of actions and having little courage to get anything done, it’s hard to think these people are really representing the desires of the average people in Arizona.


2 Responses to “It’s no wonder why people hate politics/politicians”

  1. rolomonkey Says:

    It’s not about representing “average” Arizonans as much as it is about representing “typical” voters.

  2. Richard Says:

    The recent oh-so-enlightening Gallup Poll sponsored by Lattie Coor showing that Arizonans think our politicians are fiscal idiots, retirees love this as a place to live, and informing us that folks are concerned about the economy and jobs was a joke. We can only hope they did not pay too much to learn what Arizona citizens already know.

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