A bullet train? We can’t afford what we got!

Let me get this straight:  Phoenix wants in on a magical bullet train and at the same time is cutting millions from the bus budget because of a huge transit deficit?  Are you kidding me? 

Why would be looking for something like this when we can’t even afford the transit that we have already?  Where do you think the money for something like this is going to come from?  The Feds?  Guess what, that’s still us!

Apparently, we don’t need rest stops or DMV offices, but a choo choo that can get us to Los Angeles in 3 hours is a top priority.  Plus, what are you going to do when you get to LA and don’t have a car?  Take their terrifying subway system?  What about the people coming from elsewhere to here?  Are those people expected to get wherever they want on the light rail?

That’s a great plan, except if people want to go see the Cardinals or the Coyotes, or go shopping in Scottsdale or go to any of the fancy resorts, or the FBR Open, or any of the thousands of other places that are hard to get to.  Sure, we could expand everything, but again, we can’t even pay for what we have!


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