Obama finds Nobel Prize in Cereal Box

Apparently, the Nobel Prize committee has started sticking prizes in cereal boxes.  Or maybe they are giving them away as part of McDonald’s latest Monopoly contest.  Or did they show up at a Chicago White Sox game and shoot a couple of them out of a T-Shirt gun? 

How else did President Obama end up with one?

Wait, you mean they actually thought that President Obama, who has been in office less than a year, actually DESERVES a Nobel Peace Prize?  You have to be kidding me! 

Pay attention, because this is the actual moment that the Nobel Prize committee has jumped the shark.  They awarded someone the prize, not for their actions, but for their rhetoric.  Because he inspired “hope” among the masses?  That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

At this rate, he’ll be on the front of a Wheaties box and standing on the podium at the next Olympics getting a gold medal for “being awesome.”  I can’t wait for his Oscar acceptance speech and his performance with Kanye West at the MTV music awards.

Meanwhile, what has he actually done?  Healthcare is going nowhere.  Afghanistan is floundering.  The economy is still sluggish.  Our deficit is going to be at an all time high in the upcoming years.  The only hope I have, is the hope that that American can survive Obama and the disconnect between his award winning rhetoric and his failed policies.


4 Responses to “Obama finds Nobel Prize in Cereal Box”

  1. Richard Says:

    What he’s done is revive America’s image abroad as a beacon of democracy, not a simple feat after the disaster of the Bush years…and it only took eight months. You might want to wait a year or two before passing judgement on his handling of the bag of crap left by Bush and the Rethuglicans.

  2. fixarizona Says:

    They might also want to wait a year or two before giving him what many think is the most prestigious award in the world. If it is too quick to judge his failures, it’s too quick to judge his successes.

  3. cjpinkyj Says:

    Fixarizona I can understand if you don’t like Obama, the right of every american is to have the freedom of opinion but I do think you are absolutely not understanding the motive of the Nobel Committee. The tough cowbay diplomacy that we had during the Bush administration soured our image all over the world, Bad Image = Less trust between our country and other nations. This mans image alone has inspired so many people to feel like they can make a difference. It has been a very very long time since our country has felt such patirotism and I don’t understand why you think HOPE is a bad word. It might be a good idea to examine that anger bottled up inside and it can make you very sick, HOPE IS A VERY GOOD THING AND IT’S FREE!

  4. fixarizona Says:

    I don’t have anything specific against Obama. I just think that he should actually do something before he is rewarded. It’s like giving a kid his MVP trophy at the beginning of baseball season.

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