Back to Square 1

So, now it’s more than 10 months later, and the Arizona budget has come full circle right back to where we started.  The deficit is nearly $2 billion and no one really has a plan how to fix it.  But wait, the Goldwater Institute and the Free Enterprise Club have an astounding plan…  make cuts.

Where should the cuts be made?  Let me guess, should we tackle the inefficiencies in government?  How about the waste?  Does the government just need to tighten its belt?

In case you have been living on another planet, over the past year or so, Arizona has made the largest budget cuts in State history and things have continued to get worse.  Voters don’t want more taxes, but they don’t want to lose any services either.  So, something has to give.

If you want cuts, tell the legislature where you want them.  Obviously, the legislators don’t have the gumption to cut as deep as you want to, so let them know why you’re right and how everything is going to be okay when they go back to their voters and explain why big chunks of money needed to be removed from education and public safety.

Don’t think they want to cut education?  These same type of people are out there saying that everyone should vote NO on their local school funding elections.  So not only should schools get less money from the state, but they should get less money from the local community as well. 

Is it me, or does this conservative rhetoric feel like it comes from someone who has their kid in a private school somewhere?


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