Outta tha way, numbskulls

Ever see an old Three Stooges episode where Larry, Curly, and Moe try to walk through the door at the same time?  They all get stuck, back up, fight a little, and then do the same thing again?  Eventually, they force their way through the door, and tumble to the ground.  Why do I bring this up, you ask.  Well, that is what I think about when I look around and see Republicans lining up to attack each other in the upcoming elections.

Now, I think that everyone should have the right to try for any office they choose.  It’s just so hard to think of the Republican party as inclusionary when so many people are just dying to beat each other up.

Look at the U.S. Senate race, people are practically begging J.D. Hayworth to jump into a Primary with John McCain.  Another “tough on immigration” candidate is also already in the race.  Pay no mind to the fact that McCain was on television and everywhere 24/7 for the past 12 months, a nice fight is just the thing to keep the senate race interesting.  Heaven forbid that Arizona is represented by someone who has some “moderate” ideas.

Look at the Governor’s race, the Republicans are trying their darndest to hand over the race to Terry Goddard, who looks like he might be uncontested.  Meanwhile, on the Republican side, there are already a handful of candidates in the race and a few more who are thinking about it.  The Battle Royale that will ensue is going to be nasty, not to mention the fact that everyone keeps invoking Goddard’s name, saying that they are the only one who can beat him.  Sounds like Goddard will be able to continue to do nothing and be popular and let the Republicans talk about how great and popular he is.

In the Congressional races, there are three Republicans battling it out in District 1, and I don’t know how many in District 5, but its already shaping up to be as bad as two years ago, and maybe even uglier, with nasty things like poking fun at weight issues.  I don’t know how the “nasty in-fighting” is going to translate into taking back either of those congressional seats. 

This isn’t even mentioning how many Republicans will take aim at each other in legislative primaries and other races.  I get that Arizona is a Republican leaning state, but it seems like some of this infighting is why their advantage isn’t as big as it used to be.

While the rest of the nation rebounds from the Obama effect, Arizona might buck the national trend, yet again.  This time ushering Democrats in, while the rest of the country throws them out.


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