Quality jobs town hall

The Republic is hosting a town hall today at 11:30 to talk about Quality jobs.  Since its hosted by Robert Robb and someone from the Goldwater Institute, just a guess here, but it’s going to have a lot to do with reducing the size and reach of government.  They will probably talk a lot about taxes too… my bet is that the property tax rant will be a doozie.

What they will likely miss, however, is the fact that quality jobs and employers looking to relocate their companies probably take several other factors into account when deciding where to move.  There is this wacky concept called quality of life, people want to move to a place that has quality education, amenities, public safety, etc. 

I wonder how excited quality employers will be to locate in a community where 11,000 prisoners could be released early and 570 public safety officers could be laid off.


One Response to “Quality jobs town hall”

  1. Craig Says:

    Cut them some slack – Robb and the GI representative probably tnink that everyone can get a quality job like theirs –

    Shameless corporate shill.

    BTW – Any word on when there is going to be a 4th special session of the lege to fix what they broke during the regular and first three special session?

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