How high?

Which is higher – the balloon from the balloon boy saga or the White House folks who came up with the latest regarding easing up on Medical marijuana?

Either way, once again, our national ADD has been triggered and now we can move on to focusing on something else besides any of the major issues of the day.  Plop us down in front of the boob tube and let us zone out!

Meanwhile, tech exports are down, meaning fewer jobs and probably making the recovery tougher.  Also, the state is pondering major cuts that would hurt more than 10,000 poor families and 1,600 domestic abuse victims.

But, see, it’s okay, because the cuts won’t be that bad because we can still try to borrow against the lottery or rolling over the problem yet again.  Yeah, see, when it comes down to it, people say they want cuts, but when the cuts are bad, they back off and say, “oh wait, we didn’t want THAT many cuts.”  Where is all the belt tightening now?

Oh, that’s right.  People can behave like this because no one is paying attention.  There is a fame hungry family on the loose and some old guy who wants to smoke pot to feel better.  They must be stopped…To the BATCAVE!


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