Something to sweat about

Yet another account of this sweat lodge debacle has come to light, and from the looks of it, the guru is the person to blame.  Furthermore, he isn’t really cooperating.

Well, at $9,000 bucks a person, spiritual guru James Arthur Ray does have something to sweat about – leaving all that sweet moolah behind when he goes to jail.  Plus, if he does happen to go free, who in their right mind would ever go to this guy again?  How spiritual are you when you have no idea that people are dying and going into critical condition all around you?

This is yet another blow for tourism in Arizona.  Between guns in Phoenix causing travelguide panic and sweatlodge deaths in Sedona, we have been hit with a string of bad news that can only harm our already weakend tourism economy.  We depend on a lot of tourism dollars to keep our economy afloat, especially while home prices and construction are in the tank.

Arizona needs some focus on some good news, and also make sure that people know that these types of snakeoil salesman aren’t welcome to operate in Arizona.


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