Danger, Arizona, Danger

The budget hole has deepened again.  This time it’s down another $500 million, so we are now faced with a $2 billion shortfall.

Danger, Arizona, Danger!

Danger, Arizona, Danger!

So what do we do?  From the sounds of it, all of the same old plans are going to be dragged out and placed on the table yet again.  What has changed?  If there hasn’t been the will to do them before now, how’s this budget hole any different than the last one?  Is it that they are finally out of gimmicks?  Is the credit card finally maxed and equity exhausted?

We know that something needs to be done.  Are there enough people who agree on what should be done to actually make something happen?  Our hole continues to get deeper while we all stand around and wait.  Is it taxes?  Is it cuts?  Just tell us what you are going to do and how it is going to impact us so we can make our decisions on your job at the ballot box. 

Do your job and we’ll do the job performance review accordingly.


One Response to “Danger, Arizona, Danger”

  1. papatodd Says:

    Hi Just found your site and I’m diggin’ on it. Here is a crazy idea, How about reducing the size of the legislature? From my blog:

    The state of Arizona, which has a population of 6.5 million residents, supports 30 state senators and 60 state representatives. That’s right, 90 legislators to run Arizona.

    Now let’s look at our neighbor, California. Their population is 6 times that of Arizona and with land area, half again the size of Arizona. And they have run their state into the ground with only 120 congressmen. See, our state government is bloated.

    Using basic math not taught in the public schools, I calculated this. California has a population of 36+ million residents and 120 congressmen. Arizona’s population is 1/5 that of California, therefore we would only need 24 congressmen to run the state into a multi-billion dollar deficit. Did that all in my head, too.

    When politicians run out of money, they break out the same old cut “police, fire, EMT services and education” playbook. Why not? It has worked every-time before, mostly by scaring the hell out of our senior citizens. I listen to the local chieftains prattle on about “cutting this and slashing that”, but never and I mean never, have I heard any politician talking about making some cuts in the government.

    So the next time you hear a state/local politician talking about “cutting the budget”, ask yourself this, do we really need 90 hand-shakers to screw up the great state of Arizona? [When 24 would be jsut fine]

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