Fore – Obama’s apparent love of ASU and golf

So did anyone catch the ASU game over the weekend?  The game wasn’t all that great, especially since Stanford smacked down the Devils, but I do have to say that there was one thing that caught my eye. 

Have you seen the ASU commercial with Obama’s commencement speech in it?  It contains a bunch of images of ASU and the great things they are doing interspersed with clips from Obama’s commencement speech. 

It is downright ridiculous.  First, it makes it sound like ASU is Obama’s school of choice, which is ironic since they refused to give him an honorary degree.  Second, it might as well have been a campaign commercial with the sappy music and the emotional undertones.  Finally, now we know that Obama only keeps coming out to Arizona, because he likes to golf… a lot.

It looks like ASU has fallen into the same trap as many others have – slap the President’s face on your product, and hope it sells.  Newsweek and the other news magazines seem to be following that mantra, along with the talk shows and gossip mags.  Heck, even the commermorative plates at Walgreens have gotten in on the act.  ASU’s has been the boldest so far, turning a usually benign obligatory college commercial that comes as part of the deal in a football broadcast and turning it into a pseudo-campaign commercial.


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