The blame game continues

Last week, Espresso Pundit wrote a very interesting piece on the budget and how the Democrats are now warming to some sort of tax on the ballot.  Where were they months ago?  The comments that ensued reminded me of the Democrat call for “bipartisanship” which was accompanied by 16 releases critical of the Governor and 7 releases critical of the GOP.

Republicans, Democrats, everyone is to blame for this mess, but it appears that the Democratic interests are trying harder than ever to win the blame game.  The Arizona Republic has taken to teeing off on the legislature the past couple of days, taking shots at the defunding of the SCF, and now taking aim at the legislature trying to place the university tuition hikes at their feet.

In both cases, the Republic is arguing that the legislature is not acting in the best long term interests of the state.  The budget mess still reigns supreme and as long as it does, it is going to be easier and easier for people to place the blame at the feet of the legislature.  And in case you live under a rock, the Republicans are in control of both the House and Senate. 

So, basically, as long as nothing gets fixed, the Democrats will continue to hold up their hands and say “we tried” and the Republicans will continue to take the heat.  Any chance to say otherwise will be met with the continued denial by Democrats that they had anything to do with causing the problem or standing on the sidelines refusing to fix it.


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