Another “Fix it” list

It’s been awhile since I have put together a list of things that need to be fixed.  Since the budget is going to continue to crawl along, I thought I would point out a few more things that need fixing:

I understand that the newspaper industry is huring, but netflix pop-unders and defaulting the Republic tab to a subscription page for the paper is lame.  They are very inconvenient and neither make me want to spend more money.  Seriously, guys, pop-unders?  What is this, 1994?

Sweat Lodge Guy
Now the sweat lodge guru is saying that he is going to cancel the rest of his upcoming seminars.  He says it is so he can focus on the deaths.  How much do you want to be that it has more to do with people asking for their money back from the guru who kills people.  Just a thought.  If we’re going to charge this guy, let’s get it done.

Name Calling
From “teabagger” to RINO, namecalling doesn’t have a real place in political discourse.  In this ultra-partisan world we live in, it’s so much easier to categorize a person you disagree with and ignore them instead of taking the time to listen to what they have to say.  This is especially true in the Republican on Republican attacks where two people can agree on 95% of issues, but go for the jugular over a single disagreement.

The Phoenix Coyotes (STILL)
Now the team is off to a great start and they finally have a coach who seems to care, but the question remains:  are they staying or going?  Will the judge approve the NHL purchase of the team, and is there a buyer out there willing to keep them in Phoenix?  Winning is a good way to bring back fans, but everyone will remail leery if the ownership issue isn’t resolved.


2 Responses to “Another “Fix it” list”

  1. RINO Hunter Says:

    That’s what RINO’s always say!

  2. Real Republican Says:

    We need to get all the RINO’s out of our party. If you’re for a tax increase, you ain’t a Republican.

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